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Our Thai Harbal Compresses Ball are made from raw material which has been selected dilicately from the nature, went to a cleaning process, sterilized drying without any chemical conterminations, and packed in 100% cotton, which provides a soft touch and is gentle for human skin. It is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin. It does not cause allergies or skin irritaion. We are looking for distributors for our products worldwide. If you interested, please contact us.

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Effective performance of Thai Herbal Compress ball is from the result of the heat being compressed onto the muscle combining with the effect of active medical ingredient from the herbs being absorbed through the skin into the body. It helps relieving muscle stiff, reducing swelling and muscle and joint inflammation, as well as reducing muscle spasms, stretching out muscle membrane, relieving joint congestion, improving better blood circulation, and reducing pain.

Plai (Zingiber cassumunar) – relieve muscle stiff, inflammation and contusion

Curcuma – heal skin disease and reduce inflammation

Lemon Glass – promote nice odor

Tamarind leaf – clean skin and relieve contusion

Soup Pod leaf - heal skin disease, nourish skin, reduce itchy, relieve contusion

Adavipalatiga – relieve pain, relieve muscle and tendon stiff

Kaffir Lime Skin – with essential oil, relieve faint and dizzy

Galangal – heal skin disease, relieve joints pain

Curcuma Aromatic – relieve contusion and joint sprain

Camphor – promote nice odor, relieve cold, strengthen the heart

Borneol – promote nice odor, relieve blister and rash, strengthen the heart

Marly Limestone – heal skin disease, rash, and itchy

Black Sesame – rich with Vitamin E which could help nourishing skin.