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Our Thai Harbal Compresses Ball are made from raw material which has been selected dilicately from the nature, went to a cleaning process, sterilized drying without any chemical conterminations, and packed in 100% cotton, which provides a soft touch and is gentle for human skin. It is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin. It does not cause allergies or skin irritaion. We are looking for distributors for our products worldwide. If you interested, please contact us.

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How to Use : Sprinkle water on the Thai Herbal Compress Ball until it is soaked, then having it streamed for approximately 15-20 minutes. When the ball is well heated, gently press it onto desire area of the body. Do it for 3-5 times by switching to the new heated ball when the first ball becomes cool. At the beginning when pressing the ball onto the body, you should not let the ball being on the body for too long time. Just press it shortly and take it out, and then press it again.

Caution : Do not use too hot Thai Herbal Compress Ball, especially onto soft skin. If it is necessary to use it with such body area, use towel as a barrier between heated ball and skin or wait until the heat from the ball is released.  Use with special caution with those who have diabetic, paralyzed, and children and old people, as this group of people have slow response to the heat, therefore their skin might be burnt and blistered.  Do not use Thai Herbal Compress Ball in the case of the first 24 hours of inflammation, as the inflammation might be worse. After having Thai Herbal Compress treatment, do not go to bath immediately as it will rinse out active medical ingredient from skin and body.

Storage : Thai Herbal Compress Ball can be used for 3-4 times or until the color of the herb becomes pale. After use, store the ball in a refrigerator. If the ball becomes very pale until almost being white, it can not be used aymore as the quality of medical ingredient decreases, change to the new ball. If the ball has bad smell of being spoil, do not use it anymore.