Thai Herbal Compress is a science and art which has been used illness treatment in Thai society since the old time as appeared in various traditional machine texts. It has been recorded as an evidence and practiced in order to carry on the knowledge for may generations. This is one of things that being coupled with Thai people for more than a tousand years.

Thai Herbal Compress is to make a Herbal Ball from various types of herb. Most of them are herbs with essential oil that evaporates into an odor when heated, such as plai (Zingiber cassumunar), curcuma, zedoary, lemonglass, kaffir lime, and camphor, etc. Such herbs are sliced coarsely, wrapped with unbleached cloth, then passed thermal process by streaming or putting into a microwave. After that the ball are pressed to the body area. When the herbs are heated, essential oil and active medical ingredient from the herbs will go through a person's skin to blood and lymphatic circulation, sweat glands, tissue, and collagen, as well as circulate throughout the whole body. Therefore, the body part, which is treated with Thai Herbal Compress, will get effect from active medical ingredient and essential oil with its performance in inflammation and pain relieve.


thai herbal compress ball
Our Thai Herbal Compress are made from raw material which has been selected delicately from the nature and, which to a cleaning process, sterilized drying without any chemical conteminations, and packed in 100% flannelette cotton, which provides a soft touch and is gentle for skin more than conventional cotton. It is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin. It does not cause allergies or skin irritation.